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Embedded lending to take your business further

Unlock new revenue potential while connecting your customers to the transparent and tailored financing options they need.

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to capital

Give your customers the funding they need without leaving the platform they know.

Lend anywhere between $10,000 to $250,000.

Provide term loans, line of credit, financing for invoices, and more.

Be the first place your customers turn for all their capital needs.

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and retention

Find new ways to boost customer loyalty and be a trusted financial partner.

Gain insight into your financing program.

Use data to better target active customers.

Pinpoint key upsell opportunities.

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Compliance and risk management

Reap all the reward without taking on any of the risk.

Leave all regulatory compliance to us.

Avoid the complexities of offering a commercial lending product.

Stay in control of the financial products being offered to your customers.

Key features

Key features

Simple, easy and quick
API integration

Out-of-the-box product
marketing support

Tailored financing
options from 10k to 250k

Fully-secure KYC, KYB, AML, and
regualatory compliance

Loans funded in as little as 24 hours

Hands-free servicing and collections

Get the answers
you need

What products can I offer by working with Kanmon?
Kanmon offers term loans, lines of credit, invoice financing, and purchase order financing to solve for a broad range of use-cases. Within a month, you will be able to help your customers access the right kind of valuable working capital they need to grow their business.

Who provides the capital for Kanmon financial products?
Kanmon provides the capital, making it simpler and easier than ever to launch a lending program. Kanmon also assumes all credit risk.

Is Kanmon a licensed lender?
Kanmon is a licensed lender. We have obtained the necessary legal authorization to provide financial services in each state where we operate. Lending programs with Kanmon adhere to specific regulations and guidelines set by each U.S. state within its jurisdiction. This ensures that our lending practices are always compliant and transparent, and that you do not need to worry about the hassle and complication of managing in-house compliance across each state. 

Does my platform need to offer embedded payments in order for us to get into lending?
No! While underwriting may benefit from payment data, Kanmon understands that an integrated payments solution is not a necessary prerequisite for offering working capital funds or other credit products.

How does Kanmon underwrite?
Kanmon’s underwriting process is designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of every business while maintaining a smooth customer experience and fast credit decision. Our technology analyzes a variety of factors including financial information and business history to assess risk tailored to each of our financial products. Typically, it takes less than ten minutes for customers to complete our streamlined onboarding and less than two days to receive funds. Many customers receive funding within one day.

Do Kanmon products impact my customers’ credit scores?
No! Kanmon products do not impact customer credit scores because we use an industry best practice of a “soft pull” for credit reports.

How can I get started with Kanmon?
Our team of experts would love to meet you! We will design a program together that fits your customers’ exact needs and help you implement our software in one week. Email hello@kanmon.com to get started.

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See how partnering with Kanmon can open new doors for your business.

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